How to write a poem and process.
"The topic of the day is 'Difficult'.

"While creating a poem show it.
Hi. My name is 'aria' to guide."
Hi. My name is 'Christopher' Today's guest.

"The topic of the day is 'Difficult'.
You are From this word look for,
associations and similar-sounding words."

I'm studying Japanese, but it's difficult.
Similar-sounding words are 'Different''Did not' 

"I see.
The word is chosen by the subconscious mind.
They are metaphors for your feelings.
Use that word to create a simple story."

Japanese is difficult because multiple different characters are used.
Because of studies, didn't even go to cheer for soccer on days off.

"There are expectations for the unknown in language learning and frustration.
For scoring goals In soccer are similar feelings.
Let's be poetic using metaphors."

Cheering for sports is shared with many people.
I use soccer as a metaphor for studying Japanese.

Going in the different strategy,
Difficult scoring in soccer.
Did not?

Did not cheer loudly Because it was night.


Not a soccer field.
"Did now"
Did now to a soccer rebroadcast.
"I understand. Please sort it out."

Did now to a soccer rebroadcast,
The different strategy goes,
Difficult soccer to score,
This night family is sleeping,
Did not cheer loudly.

"All right,
please edit it and make it a good poem."

Thank you.

Poems are the self-expression of the masses.
You can heal yourself.
Let's compose a poem together.

creation by haruo uema [Hello waymark]


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